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Colleen Vaccaro

  • Experience: 11 years shooting
  • Current Location: North Carolina, UNITED STATES
  • Sports: 3-GUN, GSSF, IDPA*, IPSC/USPSA, Steel Challenge

I entered into this amazing world of shooting in the summer of 2010 (I was 14). My brother-in-law, Michael, introduced me to shooting. Before I could shoot; I had to memorize all the parts of the gun, and know all of safety rules and range commands. He started me off with a military style emphasis on safety, and this upbringing has made safety second nature.

I have shoot Steel Challenge, 3-gun matches, GSSF, and USPSA; but I am most invested in IDPA. Here, I met Morgan Allen, and he has taught me a tremendous amount about shooting. I have attended several sanctioned matches, including but not limited to NC State, SC State, and Nationals. I have obtained several high lady and high junior awards, and am hoping to win many more.

The thing that pulls me towards shooting the most is the people. They are absolutely amazing, friendly, and will help you with anything.

If you ever have any questions or just want to say hi, I would love to meet you!

Member Details


    2013: IDPA Nationals
    o 3rd Lady
    2013: North Carolina State Championship
    o 3rd Place SSP Master
    2013: Carolina Cup
    o High Junior
    2013: Spartanburg Showdown
    o 1st place SSP EX-moved to Master
    o High Lady
    o High Junior
    2013: Alabama IDPA State Championship
    o 3rd place Expert Stock Service Pistol
    o High Lady
    o High Junior
    2012: IDPA Nationals
    o 3rd Lady
    2012: North Carolina State Championship
    o First Place Sharpshooter – Advanced to Expert
    o High Lady
    o High Junior
    2012: South Carolina State Championship
    o High Lady
    2012: Spartanburg Showdown
    o High Lady
    2012: NC Ironman IDPA Championship
    o First Place Marksman – Advanced to Sharpshooter
    o High Junior





    IDPA - Stock Service Pistol - Master


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