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Deon Martin

Brad Deon Martin is a retired law enforcement Officer with over 22 years Law Enforcement and corporate security experience. 6 of those years were spent working in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State, seconded to the United Nations International Police in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, And Kosovo. This time was spent as a law enforcement Firearms instructor and an Intelligence officer. 2 Years were spent working for KBR Halliburton in Iraq and Kuwait as a Convoy Security Contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense.
Deon has been training the law enforcement community since 1994 and competing in varying shooting sports since his days of Bullseye and PPC in the late 80’s. He started shooting USPSA and Police competitions in 1994 and IDPA in 2007. Deon is a USPSA Production Division Grand Master as well as an IPSC Production Division International Grand Master, and an IDPA Master.
Though retired from active duty Law Enforcement, Deon still teaches both civilian as well as Law enforcement at the Florida State Police Academy located at the Citrus County Public Safety Training Center in Inverness Florida. He holds active instructor credentials from both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the National Rifle Association.
Most people in the law enforcement community call him Brad. Those in the Shooting community, Family and friends know him as Deon.

Member Details


    International Titles
    1998 International Law Enforcement Games, Dubai United Arab Emirates.
    Gold Practical Shooting
    2008 International Police and Fire Games, Florida USA
    Gold Practical Shooting
    Gold Tactical 3 Gun
    Silver Tactical Shotgun
    State Titles
    2012 IDPA Triple Crown #2 SSP DIvision Champion HOA, , High Law
    2011 USPSA Florida State Production Division Champion
    2012 IDPA Triple Crown #1 SSP DIvision Champion HOA, Most Accurate, High Law
    2011 IDPA Tripple Crown I SSP Champion
    2009 Florida State IDPA Championship
    SSP Division Champion, High Law Enforcement
    2009 Sunshine State Games USPSA Championship
    Production Division Champion HOA
    2009 USPSA Factory Gun Classic
    Production Division Champion HOA
    2010 Florida State IDPA Championship
    SSP Division Champion, High Law Enforcement
    Florida Police and Fire Games
    17 Gold, 5 Silver, 3 Bronze medals over a 17 year period in either Practical Shooting, Tactical Shotgun, or Tactical 3 Gun



    My two daughters, Jessica and Avery.


    IDPA - Stock Service Pistol - Master
    IPSC - Handgun - Production - Grand Master
    USPSA - Handgun - Production - Grand Master
    USPSA - Handgun - Open - Master
    USPSA - Handgun - Limited - Master
    USPSA - Handgun - Limited 10 - Master
    USPSA - Handgun - Revolver - Master


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