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Beep Kielkowicz

My interest in firearms and shooting started at very young age. Having a father that at the time was a Russian military arms collector made it nearly unavoidable. Add to that, a family that encouraged the enjoyment of the use of firearms for recreation and hunting. It becomes one of the things that starts to define part of your life.

Around the mid 90’s I began shooting USPSA matches at a club level. After some exposure to what other shooting sports were out there, the desire just grew. IDPA, DSM, GSSF, Bowling Pins, Steel, Action Shotgun, Tactical Rifle, Precision Rifle, Sporter Rifle, 3 Gun, and Multi-Gun. During this time, also sought some professional instruction and became NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

I have an abundance of gratitude to the people that have taken the time to introduce me to some of these shooting sports. They shared their passion, experience, and resources along the way. As they have done for me, I feel a personal responsibility to do the same for others. It is truly rewarding to help grow responsible shooters from a people who may have never even had the opportunity to be around firearms.

Family support is continuous. My wife Heather (although not currently competing) has enjoyed competition many times, and has done well in USPSA, IDPA, GSSF, Pins, and 3 Gun.

For me 2012 will be “Year of the Trigger!”

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    2011 West Point Combat Weapons Team Limited Division Champion
    2011 PA Multigun Limited Division Champion
    2011 Cortland 3-Gun Championship Limited Division Champion
    2011 New York State Action Rifle Champions Limited Division Champion
    2010 PA State Rifle Championship Iron Sight Champion
    2009 West Point Combat Weapons Team Limited Division Runner-up





    USPSA - Handgun - Limited 10 - A


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