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Gerard Gingco

  • Experience: 13 years shooting
  • Current Location: Georgia, UNITED STATES
  • Home Range: Range, Guns, and Safes
  • Sports: 3-GUN, IDPA, IPSC/USPSA*, Steel Challenge, USPSA (3-Gun)
  • Competition Firearms: CZ / SP01

I ran a weekly match in Atlanta as match director and club president for 5 years, starting almost the same time as I picked up my first handgun. We focused on bringing in new shooters, building successful skill sets, and major match preparatory stages. I enjoy helping new shooters get started in the sport, and draw my rewards in watching them develop their own shooting abilities.

What primarily drives me in this sport are both the people and the massive support of the shooting community. It was local shooters that got me started off on the right foot, and in addition to all the wonderful people I met during my travels during the past two years, everyone kept me motivated and energized to stay in shooting sports. It’s because of fellow shooters that I am in this for the long haul.

Member Details





    Bringing in new shooters to the sport, running as elected president of a local club, and making Master class in 3 years with no prior firearms experience.


    USPSA - Handgun - Production - Master
    IDPA - Stock Service Pistol - Expert


    USPSA Certified Range Officer

Community Service

    Running a local club, GA-01 Gwinnett Practical Shooting League,, volunteering as a range officer at major and local matches for match setup and administration and working as a range officer.