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Rob Tate

  • Current Location: Virginia, UNITED STATES
  • Sports: IDPA, IPSC/USPSA

My passion for shooting began at a young age while hunting and practicing with my father. Throughout the years I have tried just about every type of shooting discipline I could find from flint lock muzzleloaders to sporting clays and archery. I left home for the military in 1995 and my father started IDPA at our home range in 1996. In the following years I would listen to the stories and help run the matches when I was around but it wasn’t until Jan 2009 that I actually gave it a real try and it has been a whirlwind ever since.

In IDPA I was able to progress from MM to SSP Master in my first year of competition. Over the last 2 years I have won 12+ titles in either my class or division at sanctioned matches. I have shot as many as 11 local matches a month and usually average around 8. I started shooting USPSA in 2010 and I am currently an “A” class production shooter. I am planning to shoot the 2011 VA MD sectional as my first major USPSA match. I have been building up my equipment and practicing for 3 Gun over the winter and plan to make a run at that discipline this year as well.

I believe in giving back to the shooting sports in anyway I can to help it grow. I am a certified IDPA SO and help run several matches a month here in the central VA area.

Lastly but most importantly: I couldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t for my amazingly supportive wife Shannon. She doesn’t shoot but she has only missed 5 out of the over 200 matches I have shot in the last 2 years 1 of which was an away major the weekend before our wedding.

Member Details


    2011 Va State IDPA Championship SSP Division Champion, High Military Veteran
    2011 USPSA VA/MD 2nd "A" 15th Overall Production
    2011 NC State Match 3rd SSP Master, High Military Veteran
    2011 Maryland State Championship 3rd ESP Master, High Military Veteran
    2011 S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals: 2nd ESP Expert, High Military
    2011 IDPA Artic Blast: 2nd place SSP Master, High Military
    2010 IDPA Nationals: 5th Place ESP Expert
    2010 Common Wealth Cup: 2nd Place SSp Master
    2010 East Coast Championship: 3rd Place SSP Master
    2010 Virginia State: 2nd Place SSP Master, High Military, High Industry
    2010 Carolina Cup: 3rd Place ESP Expert
    2010 S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals: 3rd Place SSP Expert
    2009 Carolina Cup: 2nd Place ESP Sharp Shooter
    2009 Maryland State: 3rd Place ESP Sharp Shooter






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