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Drill Name 100 Round Practice Session - Cheaper Than Dirt - Shooter's Log Posted On/By 1/14/2011 by AlexPummer
Author/Credit Caleb Scoring NOT SPECIFIED
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Time is money, so they say – that truism applies across the board for everyone, even shooters.  As most shooters don’t get paid to do this full time, they’re constantly trying to find a way to get the most out of their range time and practice sessions.  With that in mind, here’s a 100 round practice session that will work on the fundamentals of marksmanship, speed, and accuracy.  This can be practiced at any range that allows you to draw from the holster, and if the range doesn’t allow holster draws simply substitute a press-out from ready for the draw stroke.  Here’s Caleb’s 100 round training session, all shots at 10 yards unless otherwise noted:

  • FAST Drill – three reps (no more than 3 reps of FAST per day!) (18 rounds, 7 yards)
  • 5 rounds in 2.5 minutes (2 reps) at a 3×5 index card – 10 rounds (must hit with all)
  • 5 rounds in 20 seconds at a 3×5 index card – 10 rounds total (must hit with all)
  • 5 rounds in 10 seconds at a 3×5 index card – 10 rounds total (must hit with all)
  • Bill Drill, 2 reps (12 rounds)
  • Draw, fire two, reload from slide lock, fire 2 (5 reps) total of 20 rounds
  • Draw and fire two at 25 yards (or max range allowed) 5 reps (10 rounds)
  • 5 shot group at 25 yards (2 reps)

That’s a total of 100 rounds of practice.  Would you be better off with more practice time?  Certainly, but by using this method you can practice the fundamentals of action and defensive shooting, from draw, reloading, tight accuracy, and shooting groups.  In his book, Brian Enos talks about how you cannot shoot groups and shoot for accuracy enough, especially if you play games like Bianchi Cup.  While the standard of accuracy is much looser in a game like IDPA, if you cross over to USPSA you may find yourself shooting an 8 inch plate at 20 yards.  Believe me, you’ll have want to practiced at 25 yards when that shot comes.

There's even brass in the air

Caleb at Bianchi Cup 2009

My favorite shooting sport is Bianchi Cup, with a close second going to Steel Challenge.  I firmly believe that if you shoot Bianchi Cup well, it will make you better at every single other shooting game out there, because let’s be honest – if you can shoot an 8 inch circle at 50 yards, you can certainly shoot the same size circle at 4 yards in a great big hurry.

The other thing to remember about the drills above is that it’s important to push yourself.  If all you do is take your time and shoot everything clean, you’re not pushing your speed, and you’re not growing out of your box to become a better shooter.  For example, I know that from the holster when using a revolver, I can reliably draw to a -0 hit on an IDPA target at 10 yards in 1.4 seconds.  Every time.  I could just keep doing that…or I could try to push myself to 1.2 seconds, or 1.1 seconds even.  Remember, when you’re practicing, push yourself!  On your 3rd run through the FAST, for example, say “this one is for all the marbles” and go for it.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to practice, 100 rounds a week, especially when paired with lots of dry fire, will make you a better shooter.  Make the most of the time you have – and get to the range!

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