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Basic Shot Log
The Basic Shot Log

There is nothing basic about’s basic entry form. You can enter information regarding your target type, distance, ammo that was used, weather, lighting, trigger pulls, magazine changes, malfunctions and much more. Of course, you can also score your shot log entries based on total time, hit/miss, or goal score. All members can refer to drills, ranges and the specific firearms they were using. But only premium-level members can associate photographs with log book entries. Shot logs can be as simple as entering that you shot 10 rounds, or you can choose to break the entry out by individual shots, or string of fire. This log is available to both FREE and Premium members.

The Details

  • Include specific Firearms, Ranges and Drills from your personal library.
  • Specify the ammunition used, trigger pulls, shots fired, reloads and more.
  • Track target details, like the type of target, target distance, target movement and more.
  • Add details about weather conditions, like wind speed/direction, humidity, lighting, and more.
  • Score your entire day of shooting, or break-out your shots to individual rounds fired.
  • Ability to score by Speed, Accuracy and Goals determined by you, or the drill you are running.
  • View and export detailed reports on your trends and statistics.
Basic Shotlog

Free & Premium memberships are available. If you are currently serving in any branch of the United States Armed Forces and have a valid .MIL email address, register for free access to the system for the life of the product. It’s our way of saying “Thank You“ to those who proudly serve our country and provide us the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

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