GUNS&AMMO MAGAZINE: "How 3-Gun Nation Makes it Easy to Get Involved in Competition"



GUNS&AMMO: How 3-Gun Nation Makes it Easy to Get Involved in Competition

by G&A Online Editors


Getting involved in competitive shooting just became easier with 3-Gun Nation’s online member’s portal. Even if you’ve never shot in an organized match, you’re only a few clicks away from getting started.


Inside 3-Gun Nation’s member’s portal, you’ll find schedules of upcoming events, registration information, directories of 3-Gun Nation’s more than 110 registered shooting clubs and an interactive leader board for the Pro, Lady Pro, Regional and Club Series.


With these resources, shooters can easily view and sign up to compete in future matches, as well as track their scores and overall rankings in relation to other competitors.


The first thing you’ll need to do is create an online account with 3-Gun Nation. This free process is fairly easy to complete and requires minimal personal information. Simply enter a first and last name, an email address and create a username and password.


Creating an online account with 3-Gun Nation is quick and easy, and it requires very little information. This grants you access to 3-Gun Nation’s shooting clubs, stages and event directories, as well as other site resources. However, if you want to compete in the 3-Gun Nation Club Series and Regional Championships or the Semi-Pro Series, then you’ll have to register to compete with 3-Gun Nation, which you can do from four different locations once you have access to the site.


Sign up for a 3GN membership now online.



Registering for a basic annual membership costs $45 and allows you to compete in the Club Series and Regional Championships. There are also additional membership add-ons, depending upon which competitions you’d like to participate.


The dashboard on 3-Gun Nation is your starting point. The member services section at the top includes the Members, Clubs, Events and Stages directories. Beneath is an assortment of common links as well as the interactive leader board and list of upcoming events. The user’s bookmarks (not shown) are also on the dashboard.


Once you’ve found an event you’re interested in, you can click on it to see details such as registration info, date, time and location of the match (with an included map) and sometimes even a roster listing competitors and squad breakdowns. It’s also helpful to bookmark events, specific clubs and members for future reference.


Another cool feature is the ability to build a customized profile and bio page, with built-in visibility features should you choose to make a public or private profile. Make you profile page interactive when you link up with social media sites and basic biographical information. You may also want to use this space to brag about your career achievements, show off new gear or provide any relevant sponsor information.


With 3-Gun Nation’s online members’ portal, the tools you need to find and register for competitions is literally at your fingertips.


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