Match Performance – In the Mind


Match Performance - In the Mind


by Morgan Allen

Shooters are often told that performance is 95% mental and only 5% technical skill at the higher echelons of the sport. While that may sound like a figurative assessment, it’s quite accurate. 

Everyone arriving at a match is expected to have a certain requisite skill level. Assuming that most within a specific class are already at roughly the same skill level, the match outcome will largely be determined by how well each person performs on that day.  

When under stress, people execute skills at the lowest level that has been mastered.

The same also applies to their mental execution of these same skills. Exiting a stage knowing that they “could have shot the stage better,” i.e. avoided this non-threat, that miss, etc., plays into the notion that the frame of one’s mind when stressed has a direct impact to their performance.

So how does one know what the value of effective mental match performance truly is?


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