RL IN THE NEWS: 6 Awesome Shooting Apps You Need to Check Out

March 2014

6 Awesome Shooting Apps You Need to Check Out

These six shooting apps are helpful and fun, adding new insight to our gun enthusiasm.

by  Eric Pickhartz - Do you consider yourself a die-hard firearm enthusiast? If so, then you have probably already scoured the Internet and the Apple and Google Play mobile app stores to find all of the programs that could make you a better shooter.
The official mobile app of the website of the same name, RANGELOG is a great program that all passionate shooters should considering installing on their smartphones.
The app is available for both Apple and Android devices, and while you must have a RANGELOG account to use it, membership with the site is free, easy to set up, and useful for firearm enthusiasts. RANGELOG not only helps you to find shooting ranges anywhere, but also gives you a place to keep a detailed journal about your shooting scores and progress. From competition scores to notes on your shooting range practice sessions, RANGELOG is perfect for all of your shooting range related needs.
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