RL IN THE NEWS: Team RANGELOG's Morgan Allen in IDPA Tactical Journal

June 2014


by  Morgan Allen - In April, I was offered the opportunity to appear on the Shooter’s Mindset podcast.
I spent some time thinking of what I could bring to the table to speak about that hadn’t already been
covered by one of the many great shooters that have appeared before me. It had me writing a brief
outline and then thinking about various classes I’d been to in the past as an up-and-coming shooter.
Therein lies the core to any good shooter who is able to perform well in a match. So too is the
description of the difference between a good shooter and someone who regularly wins, whether
their class or division, at monthly matches, or at sanctioned events.
So what’s the definition of consistency besides the obvious one of repeating an activity
and gaining similar results?
Why is it that some shooters can execute well in practice, yet have challenges when it comes
to performing the very same skills in a sanctioned match? There are a number of answers to
those questions and there are some fairly simple things a competitor can do to gain an immediate
improvement in this space.
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