RL IN THE NEWS: Top 3 iPhone Applications To Assist You In Your Shooting Session

July 2014

Top 3 iPhone Applications To Assist You In

Your Shooting Session

by  Warren Brown - Technology has made such a rapid progress in recent years that developers
have created applications that are able to assist the user in any and almost every kind of operation,
competition or training session. The Apple application store has over 500,000 applications and a
good amount is allocated to firearm apps! The majority of firearm applications in the Apple store
are games but there are hundreds of applications that are dedicated to provide you with the much
needed assistance and help, to your upcoming firing session. Here are 3 of them that are
currently trending!
RANGELOG is a firearm application that is used by thousands of shooters worldwide
for tracking practice, training sessions and competition scores.
RANGELOG can be used at anyplace and at any time. Users can utilize the application to
find nearby ranges, review shooting skills and track activities straight from the phone itself. 
The application allows the user to review performance history and view details of their sessions,
which is essential to help an individual with his or her progress. Easily add new activity and
session logs as well as create a description of each new firearm you use. Users can even add
firearm maintenance activities such as cleaning day and repair day. This application is extremely
useful and portable which may be the reason why it has gathered many positive comments and
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