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RangeLog... NOT just for competitive shooters !!

One of the best tools I use to achieve success in the shooting sports is a logbook. The use of a logbook will allow you to track your progress and performance on drills. Recording such times like draws, reloads, and transitions are crucial elements of competitive shooting.


However, there are more professionals out there that use a gun as a part of their job. Accuracy and speed become even more important in those fields. Not only does their life depend on performance, yours could as well. So we want our Military, Law Enforcement, and Security professionals to have the highest level of shooting skills on the planet. RangeLog can give you just that. RangeLog is used by shooters all over the world who track their live and dry fire usage. The site provides a safe and easy method for storing personal Shot Log details, scoring, shooting drills, and your favorite ranges. Choose to keep data private, or share with your approved friends.

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In 2014, RangeLog will offer IDPA and 3 GUN clubs optional online match registration, online squad management and mobile scoring for iPhone and Android. More to be announced after SHOT SHOW.

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