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MEMBER NEWSLETTER – January 2014, Episode 1

Happy New Year from RANGELOG

Thank you for supporting RANGELOG in 2013

As 2013 winds to a close, it is heartening to take a look back at how much RANGELOG has grown in the past year. And this growth was possible because of shooters like you, who have supported RANGELOG.com since we began in 2009.


RANGELOG announced our MEMBER SERVICES solution at the start of 2013, launching a management site focused on shooting sports associations and their members. Currently available to members of IDPA and 3 GUN NATION, the service allows sports to view and update member classifications, match scores and competitor details online.

Throughout the year, MEMBER SERVICES has expanded to include partnerships with match scoring providers, like ShootNScoreIt (SSI) and PractiScore, to improve features for Match Directors and competitors. ShootNScoreIt users can generate IDPA match statistics for immediate upload to IDPA.com directly from SSI, and users of PractiScore can quickly export 3GN match scores for import and display on the 3 GUN NATION website. In the past 12 months, IDPA and 3 GUN NATION clubs have posted more than 1,200 matches online, with nearly 20,000 competitor scores imported.

In preparation for our new match registration and mobile scoring solutions, 3GN competitors were able to use the RANGELOG match registration system to register and make payment for up to four 3 GUN NATION Regional matches at one time, with more than 300 competitors completing nearly 1,000 registrations online.

In addition, RANGELOG was honored to have been chosen for a second year to host the IDPA US National Championship online squad management site. This summer, IDPA competitors were able to use our solution to assign themselves to squads for the 2013 Nationals event. In the first 45 minutes, over half of the eligible competitors had logged in and selected their squad for the match.

As the system continues to be customized to meet the needs of an organization’s clubs and members, new features will allow competitors to view all their match scores, upcoming events and sports classifications on RANGELOG.com. As we ring in 2014, RANGELOG is looking forward to launching new and innovative products that help get competitors to the range.


Congratulations to RAVIN PERRY

Team RANGELOG is honored to congratulate team member Ravin Perry for being selected to grace the latest 3 GUN NATON magazine cover.


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In 2014, RangeLog will offer IDPA and 3 GUN clubs optional online match registration, online squad management and mobile scoring for iPhone and Android. More to be announced after SHOT SHOW.

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