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MEMBER NEWSLETTER – July 2012, Episode 3

IDPA and 3 Gun Nation Choose RANGELOG

RANGELOG Now Offers Member Services to Shooting Sports

The RANGELOG team is excited to announce that the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and 3 Gun Nation have both selected to implement their new membership and scoring management for shooting competitors.                                                                        

RANGELOG’s new membership management system will be used to help shooting sports, leagues and clubs, while also providing members, SO’s and match directors online tools. RANGELOG recently showcased some upcoming features with the online squad assignment site for the 2012 IDPA National Championship event.                                                                        


In the coming months, RANGELOG will also offer scoring and match management tools for associations, clubs, leagues and individual ranges.

To learn more about shooting with IDPA, visit the IDPA site. To learn more about shooting with 3 Gun Nation, visit the 3 Gun Nation site.


Meet Team RANGELOG’s Toni Dandreamatteo

Having won 12 of the 16 stages, no one in attendance at IDPA’s Carolina Cup this past weekend was surprised when Toni “Honey Bunny” Dandreamatteo won the Enhanced Service Revolver Title. However, you might be surprised to learn this IDPA 5-Gun Master joined IDPA just 3 years ago. After being introduced to shooting sports by his wife, Paula, Toni quickly gained fame and titles, competing in over 90 matches across 3 continents. In addition to being ranked a Master in the ESR division, “Honey Bunny” also holds several Division Champion titles in the other four divisions as well.



To his Team RANGELOG teammates, Toni is known as a fun-loving teammate who has a booming laugh and gives generous hugs. To his competition, “Honey Bunny” is a respected challenger and ambassador of the sport. Along with Team RangeLog, Toni also supports IDPA’s Squadra Italiana, a group of international IDPA shooters.



Meet the Team

Come join Team RANGELOG at the Colt 3 Gun Championship event at Peacemaker National Training Center in West Virginia.

To view Team RANGELOG's recent wins, visit our FaceBook page.

Where’s Honey Bunny?

RANGELOG Team member Toni Dandreamatteo can be found at these upcoming events:

2012 Caguas Challenge

2013 International IDPA Championship


Find out more about RANGELOG Team members on our team page.



Coming Soon

In 2013, RangeLog will offer IDPA and 3 GUN competitors with online scoreboards, match registration, and more.

Keep checking the RangeLog site for details.


TacStrike Steel

TacStrike Steel Target Systems offers members 15% off on targets - use code ‘RANGELOG’ at checkout.

Visit for details.


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