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Morgan Allen Wins Big at 2011 Georgia State IDPA Championship

On October 28th & 29th more than 200 IDPA shooters from across the country competed in the 2011 Georgia State IDPA Championship, hosted by the Greater Atlanta Defensive Pistol Association. In the end it was Team RangeLog’s Morgan Allen who emerged the overall winner with a final score of 196.20 (30), adding to Team RangeLog’s impressive inaugural year results.

The team would like to thank Zeiss, Predator Tactical, Head Down Products, Rudy Project, and Burwell Gunsmithing for their support and sponsorship. To follow the RangeLog Team Shooters, visit Team RangeLog’s Page

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2011 Georgia State IDPA Championship

Morgan Allen was the overall winner with a final score of 196.20 (30), and won the title of ESP Champion.

Toni Dandreamatteo won the title of ESR Champion with a final score of 322.00 (151).

Rob Tate placed 1st in the SSP Master division and won High Military Veteran.

Jeff Spencer placed 5th in the ESP Expert division with a final score of .

Tierani Hendrix won High Lady and placed 11th in the SSP Expert division with a final score of 290.57 (63)..


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