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Put your products or services directly in front of Competitors, Armorers and Ammo reloaders.

Start Advertising Today! is an online shot log accessed by tens of thousands of members to track and report on live and dry fire shooting activities, to maintain and repair their weapons and to find competition drills online.

 Your advertising will be viewed by members as they: 

Login to their account Both FREE and PREMIUM members will see your banner ad or logo when they login to the site to add logbook entries, locate ranges or find a drill.

Track Maintenance Members maintain weapon cleaning and repair history online.

Search and View Ranges
Members can search our directory of thousands of shooting locations and ranges, or select to add their own personal range.

Add Shooting Logs
Members can add range practice logs, competition score cards or track trap and skeet scores.

Search and View Drills
Members search for and add performance drills and qualifications to our online library.

Report on Weapons and Accuracy
members report and review their firearms and ammunition usage by Shooting Range, Weapon, and Score.

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Button Ad    $30/mo

May be shown to members on their personal and public ranges, drills, firearms, ammo or log book landing pages. This banner is rectangular and located on the right side of the page.
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Skyscraper Ad    $40/mo

May be shown to members when viewing ranges, drills, firearms, ammo and logbook landing pages; located on the right side of the page, beneath the member search feature.
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Page Header Banner    $150/mo

This highly-visible basic banner appears on several pages of the site, for both site visitors and Members.  Displayed at the top of the landing and detail pages for firearms, drills, ranges, ammo and logbook entries.
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Global Login Page    $150/mo

This large and exclusive banner area will be displayed to every Member as they log into the website. Only one login page sponsor slot is available each month and is purchased on a quarterly basis. Limited to only one advertiser per 90 day period of time.
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Cleaning Log Sponsor    annual fee

This large and exclusive banner area will be displayed to every Member as they add a cleaning log and view their logbook entries. We will also promote your product through the newsletter and internal banner spots dedicated to promotional sponsors, as well as request your participation in Team and Match sponsorship opportunities. Annual fee may be dependent on value of product provided
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